General Notary Services

Notary Fees:

$5 For first two notarial acts* per person

$5 For each additional notarial act* per person


Oaths and Affirmations

Certified Copies of Non-Vital Records (vital records include certificates of birth, death, divorce, annulments, marriage etc)

Travel Fees (Prices are for total round trip mileage):

  • 0-5 miles $20

  • 5-10 miles $30

  • 10-20 miles $40

  • 20-30 miles $50

  • 30-40 miles $60

Additional Fees:

Cancellation Fee is 100% of the fee if cancelled within 4 hours of appointment

Early Mornings (5AM-7AM) $25

After Hours (9PM-10PM) $25

Waiting fee $1/minute after 10mins of waiting

Additional Charges if I have to pay for parking

*A notary act is any act a notary is allowed to perform.  One way to count the number of notarial acts in a document is to count the number of jurats on the document.  A jurat is the notary’s written certificate.  Another way to count the number of notarial acts is to count the number of stamps I use at the signing or the number of signature lines on the documents.  I can walk you through it when we talk about your quote.


Heres an example of a jurat:


       For an acknowledgment in an individual capacity:

       State of ....

       County of ....

       This record was acknowledged before me on ... (date) by .... (name(s) of individual(s)).

       .... (Signature of notarial officer)


       .... (Title of office)

       [My commission expires: ....]

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